...a multi-generational family of Penn State grads.


I'm a Life Member ('86) of the Penn State Alumni Association and have followed Penn State football since 1973. That's the year of an undefeated season and a Heisman trophy. Haven't missed a game (radio, tv, or at Beaver Stadium) since. My wife, children, and other relatives and friends are Penn State alumni. 


Out of our passion for Lion football, my daughter and I created the concept for The Tradition Lives On. It's a symbol of a winning Tradition. 

We offer fan gear with a unique symbol to sports fans everywhere.  A single bold blue stripe on a white field that represents a proud, historic, and winning Tradition. 

You and I have been a part of this Tradition. Our Tradition.

Now it's time to share the Tradition. 



Our mission statement

Providing sports fans with quality products identified by a unique and unifying symbol. That symbol honors the tradition of the past, commits to progress in the present, and anticipates exciting possibilities for the future.